Aghia Marina on the east coast used to be a tiny little village inhabited by a few fishermen and their families before it was discovered by tourism.

Today it is a highly developed and commercial tourist resort where most foreign visitors to the island spend their holiday. On weekends many Athenians escape the loud city to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and all the comfort offered by the village. Restaurants, serving both traditional Greek homely and international food, cafes and bars for every taste performances of Greek music and dance, discos and clubs where the entertainment goes on till dawn, shopping, various facilities and much more, all together cater for making your holiday memorable.

Since the village is rather small you will soon feel at home and have found your favorite haunts. Everything is within walking distance and most things happen around the main street that goes through the village. Below the main street is the small port from which small ferryboats commute to Piraeus port several times a day.The trip takes about an hour by ferry.

In the bay is a long sandy beach where the water is so shallow that you can wade for several hundred meters. At the end of the beach is a small chapel, the original church of Aghia Marina, which has given the name to the village. On the other side of the port there are flat rocks and the water is not as shallow as by the beach, yet very popular for both swimming and sunbathing. Above the main street you will find most of the dwelling houses and some hotels. An excellent place for a walk after dinner, it smells lovely from both the gardens and the many pine trees and the view is magnificent.