The east coast

On the road from Aghia Marina to the Temple of Afaia, is a very sharp curve, a dirt road leads out to the rocks of Tourlos. Out here you will be able to find many obscure places for swimming, but the rocks are very sharp and uneven so you will need both good shoes and something soft to sit on.

South of Aghia Marina the road divides. One leads inland to Aghios Nektarios and Aegina Town and the other continues south along the coast. Alones is a small village with a few taverns and facilities for visitors, about 20 minutes walk from Aghia Marina on the road to Aegina.

The other road, following the coast, leads to the tiny village of Portes and from here to Mount Oros. If you want to get to the peak you will have to walk the path to the last part.

There are only a few beaches on the east coast since the cliffs drop steeply into the sea, though there is a course, the lovely beach in Aghia Marina.

The North Coast

On the North Coast, west of Souvala village, there are also small beaches here and there and cute harbours for the small wooden boats with sunroofs so popular among the fishermen. West of Souvala is also a large shipbuilding yard.

PalaiochoraSouth of Souvala the road climbs uphill and leads to Palaiochora and the church of Aghios Nektarios. The hill is covered with lovely smelling pine trees and the view is in some places marvelous.

To the East of Souvala the land is flat and the road follows the coast passing other smaller villages like Agioi, Vagia, and Tourlos, and goes south inland to Mesagros. There are pottery works both in and outside the village (on the way to Aghia Marina) where you can buy beautiful items. In Mesagros a good Retsina wine is produced from the grapes grown here.

The road to Aghia Marina from Mesagros goes over the mountain on which the temple of Afaia is built.

The West Coast

The road going south along the coast from Aegina Town offers one of the island’s most beautiful settings.The land is fertile and there are large fields of pistachio trees following the flat coast to Faros, small place housings some taverns.

All the way down to the very south you will find beaches, long, short, sandy, stony, with or without facilities, deep or shallow waters. The coast lined by huge Eucalyptus trees with leaves that are tasteful and used for treatment of throat complaints.

The main road goes to Perdika, a small fish village, mostly visited by the inhabitants of this residential place.